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Human Rights Trainings:

Violence against women, sexual and physical abuse of domestic workers, illegal and forced labor for children, Racism and many other faces of human rights violation are visible in the Middle East. These trainings aim to equip social workers and activists in the different countries with a focus on rural areas to observe these violations, report them, work with the victims and raise awareness on the rights of these marginalised groups.


Vocational Trainings:

The best means to empower women and persons with disabilities is giving them the tools of being productive in the society and therefore autonomous. The vocational trainings aim at teaching them different skills such as tailoring, carpenter, mechanics, etc… so that they can work and contribute to the development of their communities in addition to reducing poverty levels in the rural areas.


Literacy courses:

Because of high poverty level and lack of education most of the women and young girls are left without schools. The Literacy courses will equip these groups with the basic knowledge of reading and writing so that they can have better job opportunities and can have access to the world of information.


Public Health Trainings:

Health issues related to women are still considered as taboo in many societies of the Middle East. Female Hygiene, Sexually transmitted diseases and many other subjects are not known off within the refugee groups, people with disabilities and women in rural poor areas. These trainings will provide information, explanation and an open space for women to discuss these issues.



The trainings will be completed by advocacy efforts for Human rights of Women, Children and Persons with disabilities in rural disadvantaged areas, refugee camps and situations of conflict. Raising the voices of those groups, carrying their concerns to the international platform is a necessity in difficult times to have a better coordinated response to their needs. Linking the target groups to the WCC, ICRC, WHO, UNHCR, UNICEF, HRC, ICMC, etc will help highlighting their issues and taking action accordingly.